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Equine Fact Sheets

Getting Started

Careers in Equine
Identification of Horses
Parts of a Horse


Competitive English Horse Events
Competitive Western Horse Events
Horse Racing
Horses Used for Work Purposes
Polo on Horseback


Equine Vision Poster
Abnormal Horse Behavior
Approaching a Horse
Catching a Horse
Domestic Horses and Herd Instinct
Fight vs. Flight Instinct
Horse Behavior at Foaling Time
Horse Body Language
Horse Breeding Behavior
Horse Investigative Behavior
Management Tips Related to Horse Behavior
Understanding the Flight Zone of Horses

Grooming & Handling

Grooming and Handling Objectives
Horse Senses
Safe Ground Handling of Horses

Health & Nutrition

The Basics of Equine Nutrition
Maintenance of the "Easy Keeper" Horse
Nutrients & Common Feed Sources
Grains for Horses &Their Characteristics
Forage Substitutes for Horses
Odd Things that Horses Eat
The Role of Nutrition in Colic & Laminitis
Factors that Affect Hay Quality
Hay Analysis
Analysis of Feeds and Forages
Feed and Forage Testing Labs


Bio-Security Measures for Horse Owners
Equine Infectious Anemia
Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis
Equine Viral Rhinopneumonitis
Influenza in Horses
West Nile Virus

Emergency Care

Emergency Chart
Guidelines to Follow During Equine Emergencies
Vaccination Guidelines
Guidelines For Equine Rescue and Retirement Facilities
Treating Injuries Before the Vet Arrives

Hoof Care

Blood Pumping Mechanism of the Hoof
Bones of the Hoof
Common Hoof Problems
Evaluating the Hoof and Trim Job
External Parts of the Horse Hoof
How a Horse's Hoof Grows
Leg Set
Sensitive Structures of the Hoof

Pasture Management

Equine Pasture Management: A Year Round Approach
Four Steps to Rotational Grazing
Pasture and Hay for Horses
Pasture Survey Method:  Need for Overseeding or Renovation
Pastures for Horses


Forage Quality in Perspective
Forage Quality Testing
Pasture and Hay for Horses
Species Selection
Warm Season Grasses
Kentucky Bluegrass
Red Clover
Reed Canarygrass
Smooth Bromegrass
Tall Fescue
White Clover

Weed Management

Toxic Plants
Plants Poisonous to Livestock
Weed Management in Pasture Systems
Multiflora Rose Control In Grass Pastures


Some Facts About Soil Basics
Soil Testing
Laboratories for Soil Testing and Plant Analysis
The Agronomy Guide 2011-2012
Comparing Fertilizer Materials
Understanding Fertilizer Labels
Soil Acidity and Aglime
Soil Fertility
Soil Fertility management for Forage Crops Pre-establishment
Soil Fertility Management for Forage Crops Established
Soil Fertility Management for Forage Crops Maintenance

Manure Management

Composting Manure
Horse Stable Manure Management
Horses and Manure

Farm Safety

Hot Hay Alert
Farm Safety Tips Article
Youth Equine Farm Safety Course

Last updated July 11, 2019