Plowing old school

HVDHA Plow Day in Accord NY, Suffolk Punches

Gardnertown Polo

Gardnertown Polo, Newburgh, NY


Spring Foals, Newburgh, NY

Mark Ford Stables

Mark Ford Stables in Middletown NY

MiraBella Stables

Stables at Mirabella in Florida, NY


With a well earned historical place in America’s history of agriculture, the role of equine operations in the Orange County has taken on a new look. While the equine population is diversified, and the deep rooted Standardbred industry driving on, the pleasure horse numbers have greatly increased, lending to the accelerated growth of boarding and training facilities to meet their demand. 

Orange County's Equine industry ranks second in the state and has over 26 equine associations and clubs, 10,500 acres of parks available for riding and more than 60 stables with indoor riding arenas.  

Youth Programs

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Rutgers Equine Science 4 Kids

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