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Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

Mission & Initiatives


Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County enables people to improve their lives and communities by bringing local experience and research-based solutions together.


Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County creates measurable change in order to positively affect Agriculture, Families, Youth, Environment, and Economic Development within communities.


Agricultural Sustainability – To encourage farmers in Orange County to adopt proven production and/or business management practices that have been shown to improve profitability.

Enhancing the Environment – To improve the quality and sustainability of the environment and natural resources by promoting environmental stewardship, sound decision-making and best management practices.

Strengthening Youth and Families – To empower youth and families to reach their fullest potential through experiential learning opportunities that develop critical life skills, foster civic responsibility and strengthen the community.

Economic Development – To effectively utilize the research based resources and appropriate local partnerships to educationally program and to positively impact Orange County economic vitality.


Since 1915, Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County has linked university research, knowledge, and experiential learning to the needs and issues facing Orange County residents. We are committed to the following:

Excellence - We build on individual competence, credibility and integrity to deliver innovative programs of the highest quality.

Responsiveness - We respond in a timely, efficient and resourceful manner to issues that affect the county.

Collaboration - We optimize resources through partnerships with other Orange County agencies and organizations.

Results-oriented Programming - We deliver programs that are valued by people because they have gained knowledge they didn't previously have.

The Future - We anticipate future needs and develop appropriate programming to meet the needs.

Volunteerism - We respect and depend upon volunteers to multiply program efforts and to help provide organizational leadership.

Inclusiveness - We embrace diversity in faculty, staff and learners. We respect diversity of opinion and take pride in the variety of our programming.


We will govern proactively with an emphasis on vision, encouragement of diversity, strategic leadership, clear distinction of Board, and Executive Director roles, collective decision making, with a future focus, and a strong linkage to the people of Orange County.


Peggy Kral
Executive Administrator
845-344-1234 Ext.223

Last updated March 3, 2020