Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Pesticide Certification Notice (updated December 2012). In order to apply restricted pesticides in New York State, you must be certified by the NYS DEC. For Pre-Exam Prep Training, ordering Manuals, and other information on how to obtain certification, click here. To order Manuals, Cornell Recommendations, and to find Recertification Credits, visit

Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) Website Use the link below to check on NYS DEC Pesticide Recertification Credits, to order Manuals (online) for testing, and to order Cornell Guidelines (online) on the applications of pesticides. The attached form is the most recent order form for the Manuals if they want to mail it in with a check.

Cornell Guidelines for Pest Management (Cornell "Recommends") -- now online and searchable!

Pest Management Around the Home Cultural and Pesticide Pest Management for homeowners -- now online and searchable!

Commercial Soil Analysis Service - link will take you to AgroOne Soil Services where you can select from a number of testing services.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an environmentally and economically sensitive approach to managing crop pests using the best of available biological, cultural, and chemical controls has been practiced in Orange County for over a decade. Eighty percent of the county’s onions are enrolled in IPM. IPM is also practiced by numerous other growers on 12 other crops and on several golf courses.

New York State IPM website:

Last updated July 30, 2021