Gardening Resources

Orange County's Gardening Program offers a variety of resources! Check them out below and reach out to us with any questions!

  • Soil Testing:

Click the image below for more information on our soil testing services that we offer!

                            Click here for more information on our soil testing services!

  • Beginning a Vegetable Garden:

    Click here for our comprehensive guide on vegetable gardening includes planting information specific to Orange County as well as basic information about seeding, transplanting, crop rotation, companion planting, and common vegetable problems.


  • Garden Pests:

    Click here
    for assistance with identification and management of common garden diseases and pests, including symptoms and mitigation strategies to reduce damage.

  • Lawn Care:

    Click here for fact-based strategies to create and maintain a successful lawn while reducing the environmental impacts of lawns.

  • Ticks:

    Ticks and tick borne diseases are a significant public health issue in our region. Click here to learn how to identify, manage and protect yourself from these parasites. 

  • Vegetable Diseases:

    Click here for assistance with identification of vegetable diseases, management and prevention strategies.

  • Weed Identification:

    Click here for a searchable tool from the Virginia Tech weed identification clinic. 


Last updated August 31, 2020