Hatch Some Excitement in Your Classroom with 4-H Programs!

4-H School Science Program

The 4-H program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County is excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in our specially designed 4-H School Programs. Each has been developed for ease of use in the classroom, and is sure to enhance interest in important topics such as science, technology and safety. We’ve highlighted 2 of our most popular programs here, but are happy to discuss other programs you would be interested in.

CHICK INCUBATION & EMBRYOLOGY Embryology is an exceptional way to study the development of life. This program provides a wonderful introduction to the study of biology and the lifecycle as well as reproduction and embryological development. It is an exciting way for you and your students to learn by actual hands-on experience. You can watch the developing embryo change into a beautiful baby chick, in just 21 days. The process of "candling" shows this cycle of events. There is so much joy and excitement when the cute, fluffy, newborn chick emerges from its shell. Please don't delay. Use our order form to sign up for this experience of a lifetime. Please plan accordingly either before or after your Easter vacation! All materials are to be picked up and returned to Cornell Cooperative Extension, Middletown, NY 10940 (call for directions). $22 per incubator rental.

BUTTERFLY BIOLOGY is one of our most popular school program offerings. Butterflies, like plants and other animals, are important to survival of all living things. They pollinate flowers, and also play a vital role in our food chain. This is a great opportunity for children to gain hand's on experience monitoring the full metamorphic life cycle of the caterpillar into butterfly. The kit includes everything needed from start to finish (larvae, butterfly food, curriculum, and a butterfly box on loan). Orders must be prepaid and will be picked up the week of May 27-30. Materials are obtained from and returned to the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in Middletown (call for directions). $50 includes all necessary equipment.

Last updated March 19, 2021