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Financial Mgmt. for Communities & Worksites

Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County offers several financial management workshops for communities and worksites. Stand-alone workshops range from 1-2 hours in length and can be grouped together to create a lunch and learn series for your community group or worksite. These low cost workshops are as follows:

Making Ends Meet

This workshop is designed to assist participants in creating and maintaining a household budget through skill building and education. Learn how to balance income and expenses, contribute to savings, and create SMART personal financial goals by examining your own habits and attitudes toward money and practicing these skills through case studies and experiential activities.

Exploring Credit and Debt Management

The goals of this workshop is to help participants develop and understanding of the world of credit and debt - how it impacts their lives and how they can manage it successfully. Through the course, participants will - Explore various types of credit available to them, Learn how to determine the cost of various credit options, Explore debt management strategies, Learn how to obtain a credit report, how to correct and the impact of one's credit score, and How to improve one's credit score, plus Identify strategies for establishing or rebuilding credit.

First Time Home Buyers Education Program

This program is designed to help take the confusion and uncertainty out of the home-buying process. This workshop series take prospective homeowners through the home-buying process step by step - from deciding whether homeownership is right for them, shopping for a house that meets their needs, obtaining a home mortgage, closing the sale, maintaining the house after it is purchased, to successfully handling the mortgage obligation.

We want the first time buyers to be comfortable with the process of buying a home, and with the lenders and real estate professionals with whom they will work, so they can make relaxed, informed decisions and take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Last updated July 26, 2019