Get Growing with the Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

Get Growing with the Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

Home Gardening

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Cornell Cooperative Extension offers research-based support to gardeners through our community horticulture and Master Gardener programs. Homeowners can attend our classes, view online resources and have their gardening questions answered by our Garden Helpline service. Plant, insect and soil samples can be brought to our diagnostic lab for help determining problems in their home or garden. 

Gardening hotline

Gardening Helpline

Our Master Gardeners are ready to help you. Call today, or email

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Vertical garden box

Succulent Garden Box

Come create your own colorful living succulent art to display in your garden and liven up the space. Succulents are a great choice to use because they are interesting and colorful, grow slowly and have low water requirements.

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Create a Hypertufa Planter

Hypertufa is a lighter weight man-made, stone-like material created from natural materials that can be fashioned into all sorts of containers and objects. In this class, you will make a round hypertufa planter to take home with you.

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Concrete leaf casting

Create Your Own Concrete Leaf Casting

Capture the artful ways of nature by casting some of its leafy treasures in concrete (especially those beautiful hosta leaves).

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Making Jams & Jellies

These hands-on workshops reinforce skills and procedures – giving you a more complete learning experience. Featuring: Strawberry Rhubarb Jame, Peach Bellini Jam, and Traditional Grape Jelly.

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Stepping stones

Create Concrete Stepping Stones

You can purchase garden stepping stones, but why not learn how make them yourself. Come learn how to make a functional work of art to take home and display in your garden.

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Debbie Lester
Community Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener Coordinator

Last updated May 4, 2017