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Gardening in Orange County Newsletter

For over twenty years, the Master Gardener Volunteers of Orange County having been providing advice and guidance to Orange County gardeners by writing and editing Gardening in Orange County. This invaluable newsletter is published ten times a year and provides readers with tips and advice about home gardening here in Orange County New York.Some of our regular features include:

  • Plant of the Month
  • Pest Watch
  • Gardener’s Checklist
  • “How To” Projects
  • Book Review
  • Your Questions Answered.

Ten issues of Gardening in Orange County:

  • $20 per year – print
  • $12 per year – digital

In addition to ten issues of “Gardening in Orange County,” subscribers also receive a 10% discount on many of the Home and Garden Workshops hosted by the Master Gardeners.

Your subscription helps support the efforts of the Master Gardener Volunteers to make Orange County a more beautiful and sustainable place to live!

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Last updated January 22, 2019