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Parent Pages

Parent Pages are a resource for parents and educators and are based on research aimed to help parents/caregivers understand how the latest research links to parenting and children. Researchers have determined that effective early parenting contributes to children’s development of cognitive and social skills, positive parent-child and peer relationships, and prevention of delinquency, risky behaviors, and school failure. Parents who understand child development are more likely to provide respectful communication, consistent and appropriate expectations, and responsive nurturing interactions.

Parent Pages includes articles on child development, parenting or family life. All articles are in the public domain and are written by faculty and staff of Cornell Cooperative Extension. All Parent Pages can be used for news articles, workshop handouts, web pages and more.

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Those Four Letter Words
The Importance of Bedtime
Fresh Kids - How parents can change them
Helping children handle anger
Children can use a win-win model to solve conflict
When kids fight
Minimizing Morning Madness
Why Some Children Bite

Choosing School-Age child care

Just saying "NO" isn't always so
Children solve problems by putting feelings into words
Parents can use active listening
Does telling kids to be nice work?
Stop and Go words
Parents can be better listeners

Discipline means helping children gain self control  
Discipline for Babies and Toddlers Doesn’t Mean Punishment
Rules are tools for effective discipline  
Making and enforcing rules
Discipline is not punishment
Solving disciplinary problems

Allowances are Important
Planning birthday parties for young children
Helping Children Handle Money
Keep the holidays safe for your family
Children and Materialism Don’t Mix
Keeping the holidays calm for young children
Holiday traditions and family values

Child's age affects reaction to divorce  
Prepare preschooler to visit non residential parent

Who's in charge when friends visit?  
When play becomes too rough
Children's hobbies have a big pay off
Two dozens ideas for summer fun
Choosing toys for children
Toy buying guidelines
Helping kids beat cabin fever

Choosing the Best Books for Babies and Toddlers
Reading to children is time well spent

The fourth R: Responsibility
Learning good manners by example
Children and chores
Helping young children with daily routines
Shopping with children
Helping young children develop self-control  
The three R's at home

When can children be left home alone?
Your child's safety
Teaching children to beware of strangers is not enough
Tips for parents and their latchkey children

Is your child ready for kindergarten?  
Kindergarten is a big step for parents and children
Helping children with homework
Getting involved in your child's school
Tips for parent-teacher conferences
Helping children work smarter for school success  
Reducing report card over-reaction

Helping young children gain self esteem
Raising self confident children
Body image is a big part of self esteem
Beliefs that build self esteem

Talking to your Preteen about sex  
It’s never too late to talk to kids about AIDS
What do children need to know about HIV and AIDS?

Sibling rivalry isn't necessarily bad
Helping children adapt to a new sibling

Spending quality time with your child
Burnout can scald parents
Helping children cope with stress
Balancing work and family
When stress strikes
Timesaving tips for parents
The power of patience
Children need involved fathers
A little laughter goes a long way  
When to notify other adults of stress in your child's life
Stressbreakers for parents

Helping your preteen stay out of trouble with alcohol and drugs
Raising drug free kids
Parents are key in preventing alcohol use

Teens need parents as much as young children do  
Talking with your teen  
The art of teenage persuasion
Keeping the lines of communication open with gay, lesbian and bisexual youth

Keeping your family safe on the information highway
V-chips can't replace parental guidance
Parents need to take charge of television
Taming the tube  
Video games waste children's time  
Selecting television programs for young children
Teaching your children about television

Security Objects can Offer Comfort to Young Children
Seeing Things from your young child's point of view

Helping young children cope with death
Helping children cope with a death in the family
Talking with a mental health professional about a young child
When your child is in the hospital
Talking with children about death
Staying sane when kids are sick

Last updated July 17, 2018