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Because children don’t come with directions AND sometimes being a parent isn’t easy, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County offers family life/parenting education workshops and professional trainings to help individuals develop and practice the skills helpful for positive parenting. These programs are designed for anyone who is involved in raising and working with children. For more information, and to inquire about hosting a local series, please contact us at 845-344-1234.

Parenting and Family Life Workshop Series are available on a wide range of current parenting issues, including:

Bookstart School readiness begins long before kindergarten! In this fun, hands-on series, grandparents, caregivers and parents of very young children will explore current information about school success and practice activities to help them meet their children's early literacy needs. Topics include: reading and language activities to do with young children, choosing and using books, making children's books, knowing your public library, and school readiness tips.

Discipline is Not a Dirty Word For Parents & Caregivers of Children 2-12 Years Most parents/caregivers agree that getting their children to behave is both important AND difficult. This program series will help adults learn and practice seven basic principles of positive and persuasive discipline. Topics will include: understanding children's behavior; effective communication and conflict resolution; setting realistic limits and developing healthy family relationships.

Healthy Children / Healthy Families (for parents of children 3 -11 years of age) - This fun, interactive eight week series helps parents and caregivers learn how to make healthy habits happen within their family by combining nutrition, physical activity and positive parenting practices.

Getting Ready for the Teen Years Designed for parents of pre-teens and young teens, ages 9-14, this series will help explore the changing dynamics in families with teenagers and provide helpful and practical skills for working through these transitional years. (Topics include: Who is this stranger? (teen development), Parent-teen communication, keeping teens safe, Social Networking and Cyberbullying. Preview of Let's Talk About website emphasizing how parents and teens can begin talking about issues like Social Networking and Cyber Bullying. $40 fee/family.

They're Back! (Or They Never Left) This practical and enjoyable series will assist parents and caregivers who have adult children in the home, either because they have returned or never left! Topics will include "house rules," division of responsibility, respectful communication and financial issues. $30 fee/family.

Parenting in a Media Age Many parents are concerned about their children’s screen viewing, but don’t know what to do about it. This series includes strategies to manage TV, children as a “media market,” the effects of media violence, and suggestions about safe internet and other media usage.

Raising Responsible Children: This interactive series explores practical approaches to help family members work with and enjoy their children. Topics include: ages and stages of development, family relationships, coping strategies, environmental considerations, and principles for effective communication, discipline and limit setting.

Stepping Stones for School Success This series is designed to assist parents of toddlers and preschoolers understand and help develop the skills important for school “success.” This workshop includes interactive early literacy and numeracy activities, discussions about appropriate media usage and an exploration of the importance of play.

What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel? For Parents & Caregivers of Children 2-8 Years. Learn practical ways to help children identify and manage their feelings and develop self control. This series will provide practical strategies to help adults raise responsible children and address anger and bullying issues. $30 fee/family.

Parenting the Second Time Around: An eight session program designed for grandparents and other relative caregivers who are in a parenting role. Come share and learn about: Changing roles and responsibilities; understanding children’s development and behavior; discipline that really works; rebuilding a family; legal issues; living with teens, and advocating for yourself and your relative children.

Strengthening Families. A parenting program for adults and youth together! This fun, unique program assists adults and their children (ages 10-13 years) to build upon their strengths, enhance relationships and communication skills and learn how to work through critical teen issues together. This program includes childcare for children ages 3 to 9 years of age, and a light family meal.


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Suzy McCormack
Family & Consumer Sciences Issue Leader

Last updated September 4, 2019