RAPP Reporter Spring 2018

RAPP Reporter Spring 2018

Relatives As Parents Program (RAPP)

RAPP is an ongoing education and support program for grandparents and relatives who are providing primary care for relative children. Monthly support groups, educational resources, youth programs and other support services are available at several Orange County locations. Educational seminar topics may include: Legal issues, Living well, Keeping kids safe, and Working with your child's school.

Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) general information brochure  – a listing of programs and services for grandparents and relatives raising children in Orange County.

RAPP Resource Guide for Caregivers   – A local guide to services for grandparents and relatives raising children.

Parenting the Second Time Around (PASTA)  – FOURTH Edition (eight workshops) of the national award winning curriculum for educators working with grandparent and relative caregivers. 


Linda Coleman
RAPP Youth Coordinator

Last updated March 6, 2018