Board Happenings

Centennial Commemorative Journal and 2016 Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County Annual Report

2017 Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings are held the 4th Monday of every month beginning at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

January 23
February 27
March 27
April 24
May 22
June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25
October 23
November 27
December – Annual Meeting – The Fountains, 40  Sands Road, Middletown, NY

Board Minutes:

October 2017 Board Minutes

Approved Board Minutes 2017:

Reorganizational Meeting January 2017

January 2017 Board Minutes

February 2017 Board Minutes

March 2017 Board Minutes

April 2017 Board Minutes

May 2017 Board Minutes

June 2017 Board Minutes

August 2017 Board Minutes

September 2017 Board Minutes

Approved Board Minutes 2016:

November 2016 Board Minutes

October 2016 Board Minutes

August 2016 Board Minutes

September 2016 Board Minutes

June 2016 Board Minutes

May 2016 Board Minutes

April 2016 Board Minutes

March 2016 Board Minutes

February 2016 Board Minutes

2016 Board Reports

Ag Board Report Jan-Feb 2016

4-H Board Report Jan-Feb 2016

FCS Board Report Jan-Feb 2016

Ag Board Report March 2016

4-H Board Report March 2016

FCS Board Report March 2016

Ag Board Report April 2016

4-H Board Report April 2016

FCS Board Report April 2016

Ag Board Report June 2016

FCS Board Report June 2016

4-H Board Report June 2016

Ag Board Report August 2016

FCS Board Report August 2016

Ag Board Report Sept 2016

FCS Board Report Sept 2016

4-H Board Report Sept 2016

2017 Board Reports

Ag Board Report January 2017

4-H Board Report January 2017

FCS Board Report January 2017

Ag Board Report February 2017

4-H Board Report February 2017

FCS Board Report February 2017

Ag Board Report March 2017

4-H Board Report March 2017

FCS Board Report March 2017

Ag Board Report April 2017

Our Board of Director's Governing Policy:
We will govern proactively with an emphasis on vision, encouragement of diversity, strategic leadership, clear distinction of Board, and Executive Director roles, collective decision making, with a future focus, and a strong linkage to the people of Orange County.


Peggy Kral
Executive Administrator

Last updated October 25, 2017