4-H Clubs for Ages 8 - 19

What Are 4-H Clubs?
Five or more children ages 8 to 12, along with their parents and/or other supportive adults, meet with a 4-H staff person to form a 4-H club. Each club will design a program of projects and activities that will provide fun learning experiences and blend with the interests of that club. Youth involved in 4-H clubs gain self esteem, leadership ability, and more important social as well as practical skills. Parents and/or other adults teach these projects at club meetings usually held twice a month.

How 4-H Clubs Help Youth Succeed
Today, more than ever, parents are looking to provide their children with safe, educational and fun activities. Research done on the impact 4-H club involvement has on children is incredibly positive. A strong 4-H club acts as a “mini community,” where children gain developmental assets.

Program Offerings
Youth members and adult leaders have many opportunities to participate in programming on several levels. They are; Club – County – District – Regional and State. Clubs can choose from over 80 projects and activities.

How do you get a 4-H group started?
You need at least 5 young people ages 8 to 12 and adult leaders who are willing to help. A Membership Specialist is available to meet with you to get you started, or you can attend one of our fall or winter recruitment nights. Check with the 4-H office for schedule.

How much does it cost?
$15.00 per member, $25.00 maximum per household. This covers insurance, newsletter, and other notices. Project material cost vary along with the interest of the members. Membership Specialist provide guidance to clubs to ensure that members have a rewarding, fun, educational experience.

How much time is involved?
Whatever you choose for your child. 4-H is not a “drop-off” program. A 4-H club is something you do with your child. Parents play an active role as project leaders. Clubs generally meet twice a month for about two hours each meeting. Children that want a broader experience can opt to be involved in a county wide or higher level program.

Club Support
Leader Orientation, project and resource training are offered by program staff several times a year. Trainings are localized around the county to give you easy access. In addition, the monthly newsletter provides information on subject matter, training dates and resources for your club

Awards and Recognition
There are awards for both individual and group work done on the club level, and for those who choose to participate up to state level. In addition, awards and recognition happen several times a year via county wide programming, Orange County 4-H Fair, State Fair, annual Achievement Night, and 4-H Leaders’ Recognition. A system of awards includes, pins, certificates, ribbons, medals and award trips.

Last updated April 25, 2019