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Worksite Wellness

Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County is pleased to offer our services in assisting your organization institute a worksite wellness plan. Having implemented our own worksite wellness plan, we now have excellent models to share with you and, if interested, to offer as staff development. This project is a New York State wide initiative called CHANCE (The Collaboration for Healthy, Activity, and Nutrition in Children's Environments).

Worksite Wellness at Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

Worksite Wellness is an initiative to make it easier for employees and those who visit CCE to learn about and engage in healthier choices. Our Board of Directors and Executive Director support our initiative and encourage participation. We established a Worksite Wellness Committee to address issues where changes could be made easily, and over time we've added more components to our Worksite Wellness program.

We began simply with a Healthy Snack Basket full of inexpensive, tasty and popular healthy snacks, such as apples, raisins, pretzels, and 100-calorie packets of crackers. Payment was on the honor system (a coffee can set next to the basket). We've come a long way – now providing a full-size “Healthy Vend” machine that dispenses literally everything from soup to nuts!

Here are components of our Worksite Wellness program:

Healthy Vending Machine - A self run machine that includes seasonal items that are healthier options or reduced portion sizes. (ie Yogurt, dried fruit, nuts, tuna fish, etc.)

Suggestion Box - This is an anonymous venue to express ideas for items for the vending machine as well as initiatives that should be pursued by CCE (ie changing tables in bathrooms, water filters on faucets, etc.)

Seasonal Fruit Basket - When available, fresh, local fruits are provided on the table on the honor system…

Seasonal Bulletin Board - In the break room we provide up to date information on recipes, activity tips, snack ideas from the vending machine, etc.

Potty Talks - healthy informational sheets displayed in the stalls of the bathroom to a “captive” audience.

Walking Routes - Detailed routes including mileage, directions and length of time…are provided around Community Campus (where our office is located).

Healthy Snack Ideas: Provides a listing of healthy snack ideas and a cost comparison of traditional snacks versus healthier choices.

Think Your Drink! Our popular demonstration and full-color brochure! Learn what's in sweetened beverages and understand the differences between "Slow, Go and Stop" beverage choices. Available in English and Spanish.

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Last updated July 15, 2020