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2019 GAPs Food Safety Training on Health and Hygiene


2019 GAPs Food Safety Training on Health and Hygiene

  • Thursday, April 18, 2019, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Are you a producer, processor, retailer as well as a consumer interested in produce safety, and health & hygiene of your personnel? Participation in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) training on health and hygiene will help you and your employees to use a proactive approach of research and education to reduce the risks of microbial contamination on farm produce.

All food produce must be prevented from contamination, regardless of the type of production, processing, food handling operation. Health and hygiene is among the number one consideration in GAPs food safety regulations. It is essential that the full meaning of health and hygiene and its economic scope be accepted by everyone concerned with food safety and as a result personnel training and practices should be paramount to instill and nurture an understanding of the processing steps and technologies for each product manufactured or handled and where potential problem exist and create a keen interest to satisfy and safe guard consumers interest.

Note - This is a bilingual training!

Co-sponsored by: The NWF Local Economies Project, Cornell Cooperative Extension, The National GAPs Program, the Produce Safety Alliance, Cornell University, and the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets.

Cost is $15 per farm, no snacks and lunch.

Goals of the training:

  • Understand GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) impact on produce safety by focusing on personnel health and hygiene.
  • Ensure that employees who handle covered produce understand the regulation importance and basic principles of food hygiene and food safety.
  • Measures that must be taken to prevent ill or infected person from contaminating covered produce.

To register: Call Jill at 845-344-1234

Also please bring a notebook to take some note or a tablet or laptop or anything applicable.

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