Education Center & 4-H Park 2017 Showcase2
Image by Paul Bookstaver
Education Center & 4-H Park 2017 Showcase3
Image by Paul Bookstaver

Donations Needed

As we use the new CCE Education Center and 4-H Park, we are in need of tools and equipment to respond to daily needs of the facility. We are willing to take used items in good condition, we welcome donations of new items. Below is a comprehensive wish list of equipment that would be helpful in assisting us to meet our mission of high quality educational endeavors. Thank you for your support in spreading the word.

As donations are procured please contact facility manager Bob Waltenberg at 344-1234 or to arrange a time and place for drop-off. He will also be happy to answer your questions.

THANK YOU from the CCE Orange County Staff!

List of items needed:

Tools needed:

Impact Sockets 1/2" drive SAE & Metric

3/4" socket set SAE & METRIC

Complete set of wrenches SAE & METRIC

Jumbo wrenches SAE & METRIC

Screwdrivers (variety, including torx)

Adjustable wrenches

Assorted pliers


Pipe wrenches
Allen wrenches
"C" clamps

Battery Powered Tools needed:

Drill, Drill/Impact, Saws All, Skill Saw & Flashlight (Preferred brand: De Walt Set from Home Depot)

Corded Power Tools:
Saws All
Skill Saw
Drop light
Battery charger
Air compressor (10 Gallon, 1 - 2 HP (portable)
4 Extension cords (Heavy duty, 50')(Preferred vendor: Kandel Bros. Electric)
4 Extension cords (Heavy duty, 100')(Preferred vendor: Kandel Bros. Electric)
2 Strings of temporary lights (100')(Preferred vendor: Kandel Bros. Electric)
1/2" Drive Electric Impact
Air compressor (shop, 80 gallon, 5HP 240 volt)

Outdoor Hand Tools needed:

4 Pointed shovels

4 Flat shovels
2 Pitchforks (Manure, 10 tine)(Preferred brand: TSC)
2 Pitchforks (Manure, 5 tine)(Preferred brand: TSC)
2 Ensilage forks (Preferred brand: TSC)
4 Manure shovels (Preferred brand: TSC)
Sledge hammer (10 pound)
Plastic wheelbarrow for manure, 10 Cubic foot (Preferred brand: TSC)
Small garden trailer to pull w/lawn tractor
Assorted brooms
Small shovels & trowels
4 Snow shovels
Pick-Ax (Preferred vendor: Otisville Hardware)
Digging bar (Preferred vendor: Otisville Hardware)
4 Pry bars (Preferred vendor: Otisville Hardware)
4 Leaf rakes
Metal contractors wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic foot (Preferred brand: Jackson)

Gas Powered Equipment needed:

Heavy Duty Zero Turn Mower

Heavy Duty Walk Behind Mower (Preferred brand:Scag, Preferred vendor: M & H Tractor, Middletown)

2 Professional grade weed wackers (Preferred brand: Stihl, Preferred vendor: M & H Tractor, Middletown)
2 Professional grade chain saws (Preferred brand: Stihl, Preferred vendor: M & H Tractor, Middletown)
Snow blower
7500 Watt generator

Tractor and Add-ons

Snow plow attachment
Arena drag
Bush Hog
Forks for loader that work with present tractor & future bush hog
Manure spreader
60 - 80 HP 4-Wheel Drive tractor w/cab & loader

Fuel Storage needed:

Gas can (1 Gallon)
Gas can (2 Gallon)
Gas can (3 Gallon)
Gas can (4 Gallon)
Gas can (5 Gallon)
Kerosene can (5 Gallon)
4 Diesel cans (5 Gallon)

Other Items:

Dump trailer (Preferred vendor: Congelosi)
Trailer w/500 G. water tank or truck w/500 G. water tank (Preferred vendor: Congelosi)
6 - 8 Foot stepladder
4 Heavy duty chains (20' each, 5/16" or 3/8") (Preferred vendor: Harbor Freight)
6 Heavy duty hoses
Flat Hay Wagon & 2-Wheel trailers
Finish mower (Preferred vendor: Chambers)
50' Extension Ladder
Grader blade for 3-point hitch
Trailer large enough to haul tractors

Safety Items needed:

50 – 100 Traffic Cones

Temporary barricades

Safety fence
Caution tape

Last updated June 13, 2018