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Bee Swarm Rescue

County Executive Neuhaus urges residents to be kind to honey bees

Residents dealing with honey bees can call 911 to provide them with beekeeper resources available in the County. Click here to view Orange County's news release dated 5-10-2017 .

You can connect with local beekeepers who can safely capture, remove, and relocate honey bee swarms to a new home.

Swarming is the process by which a queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees in search of a new home. In some cases, a new queen is created, while the old queen takes off with about 60% of the workers to start a new hive. Honey bee swarms can sometimes be bigger than a basketball. They can contain thousands to tens-of-thousands-of bees. While they're not dangerous, you should keep your distance and contact a local beekeeper to safely relocate it.

Click here to report a Swarm to HoneyBees911.com, or for more info.

Click here for HoneyBees911 on Facebook

Click here to learn more about bee keeping: Cornell Master Beekeeper Programs.

You can join other local beekeepers. Click here for more info.