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Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY)

“The Financial Literacy for Youth Program (FLY) is a Life Skills program, developed by Cornell Cooperative Extension's Family and Consumer Sciences Department in collaboration with The United Way of Dutchess and Orange Region. This program offers one time workshops and comprehensive lesson series(2-6 lessons) covering such topics as: Needs, Wants, and Values, Checking and Savings Accounts, Budgeting and Saving, Credit and Debt Management, and Media Literacy. Hands on activities are utilized within each lesson to assist in the understanding of each topic and take-home assignments to facilitate discussion among family members.”

The goals of this workshop is to help participants develop and understanding of the world of credit and debt - how it impacts their lives and how they can manage it successfully. Through the course, participants will - Explore various types of credit available to them, Learn how to determine the cost of various credit options, Explore debt management strategies, Learn how to obtain a credit report, how to correct and the impact of one's credit score, and How to improve one's credit score, plus Identify strategies for establishing or rebuilding credit.


Sandra McIntosh
Family & Consumer Sciences Program Educator

Last updated May 20, 2019