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4-H STEM Fair


4-H STEM Fair 2018

  • Saturday, July 28, 2018, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Be a part of Showcase & participate in the Orange County 4-H STEM Fair. Part of Family Fun Day at the Education Ctr. & 4-H Park!

Create a display and give a presentation on a topic in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Youth will be evaluated on both their presentation skills and content knowledge.

Examples of topics include:

  • Biography of a famous scientist and their work
  • Explain how to solve a math problem or theory
  • Do an experiment and explain your findings
  • Describe a new technology
  • Biography of a famous engineer and their work
  • Describe a building and its engineering principals
  • Develop a new technology

The fair is designed so that youth can explore an area of STEM that interests them. Topic ideas for presentations are open to anything that falls into the 4 areas of STEM. Participating in this program will also give 4-H youth credit for a second presentation for the 2017– 2018 4-H year.


11 - 11:30 am Arrive to set up display. ALL displays must be set up by 12:00 pm.

12:30 pm  Science presentations start being judged.

1:00 pm   Technology presentations start being judged.

1:30 pm   Engineering presentations start being judged.

2:00 pm   Math presentations start being judged.

3:30 pm   Award Ceremony

Any 4-H'er interested in participating in the STEM Fair please contact DeAnna at 344-1234 for more info or to sign up. Click here to download the 2018 STEM Manual.


4H Park and Education Center
300 Finchville Turnpike
Otisville, NY 10963