Produced in New York (PiNY)

April 5, 2020, CCE Office -

Do you like to cook or bake? Want to enhance your demonstration skills? Why not try participating in the PiNY contest? Reserve your spot today! PiNY is designed to showcase the wide variety and use of agricultural products grown in New York State. PiNY is a great opportunity for youth to demonstrate their food preparation skills while promoting a tasty recipe featuring NYS food products. During PiNY, 4-H members do a "silent demonstration" concurrently with several of their peers. Individual participants are evaluated on demonstration skills, finished product and completed menu planning sheet. Cloverbuds may participate but will not be judged and do not have to complete a menu plan. For additional information and contest rules call Deanna at 845-344-1234.

Last updated March 10, 2020